The Story

It all started with a symbol ... that appeared in an abstract artwork ! It seemed to be there for a reason ... 

Symbols have always been there to support human evolution ... 

This one, based on the golden ratio is a call to reconnect to our Self and get back our full energy !

When we reconnect to our Self, we change our energy ...

Everything is energy, including us. If we change our energy, we change everything around us... so we can create a happy meaningful world for all of us !

When they met, Christine and Virginie got a call to share this symbol to the world...

Aware that there is an urgent need to change energy, they decided to start the diffusion of the 'BeYou Symbol'. At that precise moment (in November 2017), they got a call from a friend in Bali, Made. There was a volcano eruption in Bali causing dramatic damages and drastic impact on the tourism. 

The choice of the place to develop the production was an evidence... It would benefit to the craftsmen and also to the children, as Christine and Virginie decided to distribute the benefits from the sales to the orphanages and people in need in Bali.


Christine Neve

Virginie de Beukelaer

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