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The Story

It all started with a symbol ... that appeared and seemed to be there for a reason ... 

Symbols have always been there to support human evolution ... 

This one, based on the golden ratio is a call to reconnect to ourSelf !

Everything is energy, including us. If we change our energy, we change everything around us... so we can create a happy meaningful life and world for all of us !

Aware that there is an urgent need to change energy, Christine and Virginie got a call to share the Beyou symbol to the world... 

The BeYouBeUnited team promotes the BeYou Symbol as jewelry for him and for her, Bamboo energizers, recycled bags and more … to allow everyone to get the New energy !

As a wonderful synchronicity, they got a call from a friend in Bali : Made would love to dedicate his time to help people in need in Bali. This lead to an evidence :  the benefits from the BeYou sales would be distributed to the orphanages and people in need in Bali.

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